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Our safety matches are in great demand and customers across different markets appreciate our quality of match-box, quality of match-sticks, packing and printing of match-boxes and cartons. This allows them to position their brand of safety matches as premium product and offering Value for Money proposition, too.

Safety matches is an excellent marketing/ advertising tool to promote your other products/ product range, designs or pictures of which are printed on matchboxes as well as on cartons. You can take full advantage of Reveira's strategic partnership with a good creative agency which will help deliver right design for your premium match-boxes.

Wooden Match-sticks

Specification Size Loadability in cartons
5E 51 x 35 x 15mm 2375 1000
5E (small) 50 x 35 x 14mm 2550 1050
5S 48 x 35 x 12.5mm 2900 1200
5H 52 x 35 x 12mm 2600 1050
5H(Large) 49 x 35 x 13mm 2600

Matchsticks : 40mm or 42mm

Matchstick Count: 40 sticks or 45 sticks or 50 sticks (based on customer requirements)

Kitchen Matchboxes

Specification Size
KSB 78 x 56 x 31mm
KB 106 x 64 x 27mm

Matchsticks : 46mm or 55mm

Matchstick Count: 240 sticks or 250 sticks or 300 sticks

Wax Match-boxes

Specification Size Loadability in cartons
WM 43 x 30 x 10mm 4000 1650
WSM 40 x 33 x 12mm 3600 1500
WM-5H 53 x 37 x 11mm 2450 1000

Matchsticks : 32mm or 38mm or 46mm

Matchstick count: 30 sticks or 35 sticks or 40 sticks or 45 sticks (Based on customer requirements).


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